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Outdoor Recreation Economy Initiative 
Jun - Sept 2020

Certificate Program 

2020 Pilot Cohort


Schedules and Sections
Getting Started

Thank you so much for taking part in the pilot cohort of the OREI Leadership Program! We're so excited to have you, and we look forward to a great summer learning with you. 

There are several portions that go into the program, and this site will act as your road map to view dates, sections, and attendant information, to get the most out of this experience. You will see the major portions of the program across the top of the page (or in the menu on mobile) - but to reiterate, those are:

1. Orientation

2. Leadership Courses (2)*

3. Foundations of the Outdoor Recreation Economy (FORE101)*

4. Coaching & Mentoring*

5. Cohort Retreat

*It is important to note that the Leadership Courses, FORE101, and coaching and mentoring take place concurrently. Here's the full schedule:

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Your introduction to the program
10 June 2020
10:00 am

Your program has two (2) orientations: one a virtual web meeting taking place at 10AM PST on June 10th, and a second that is a self-access Introduction to the program, which can be completed at your leisure. 

You should complete the Introduction module BEFORE the Virtual Orientation. 

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Leadership Courses

2 Courses over 12 Weeks
June 15 - September 1

Designed in partnership with public and private sector leaders, coursework will equip emerging professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to grow into leadership positions and help shape the future of outdoor recreation.


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This button will activate on the first day of class.

These courses are structured week to week, from Monday through Sunday. The classes are asynchronous - meaning you can participate when you have time to do so. However, you are encouraged to participate early in the week to keep up on discussions and topics. 

Courses are held on the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS).


You must sign up for an OSU Canvas guest account to access the courses. Sign up for a Canvas visitor account here, then let OREI know the social email used to sign up. 

You can return to the same Canvas Visitor page and select the email/provider you signed up with to log in. 

NOTE: There is a textbook used for course 1 - Habitudes Book #1: The Art of Self-Leadership, by Tim Elmore

You can find it on Amazon, or Barnes and Noble, or your preferred bookseller. 


Foundations of the Outdoor Recreation Economy
7 Modules over 12 Weeks

This introduction to the outdoor economy is the perfect first step for anyone interested in working the outdoors. Explore the industry’s history and its current and potential impact. Topics include employment sectors, policy questions and the industry’s relationship to the environment and public lands.

This course is required for the completion of the Leadership certificate, and will take place concurrent to the Leadership program content. As with the leadership courses, you must have a Canvas visitor account to login. 

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This button will activate on the first day of class.

These modules are self-access and self-paced. You can access them at your convenience, and work through them when you have time.


There are no time-bound assignments to complete (discussion forums, tests on specific dates, etc), but it is expected that you complete all modules before the end of the cohort program. 


Coaching & Mentoring

Throughout the program, a professional coach is available to help dive into the assessments you take, understand your personal perspective on leadership and growth, and help develop a plan of action for success. 

Additionally, your industry mentor will help guide the development and execution of your program project. The mentor will give you feedback on your idea, help identify areas for you to stretch and grow, and walk you through the presentation at the end. 

You are expected to initiate and maintain contact with your coach and mentor. Read more about expectations and getting started in the introduction module.

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Coach & Mentor Contact Info

Greer Van Dyck, coach



Calendar Sign-Up: 

Thom Schroeder, mentor 



Tel: 509.596.1483

Calendar Sign-Up:


Virtual Capstone 

Sept 14 - 18

The Virtual Capstone event will be held in lieu of an in-person event due to COVID-19 and existing travel restrictions. 

You will be receiving additional information and materials via email. 

Please make sure to email to reserve your presentation slot. 

Click here to view the Capstone Event Panelists


Additional Information

Have any other questions, concerns, or complaints? You can always email us directly at You can also fill out the below form and that will be sent to the same email address. Let us know how we can help! 

Contact Us

Thanks for reaching out!

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